Book Sales Info from Amazon

Two copies of my novella Welcome to Scranton sold in the San Francisco Bay Area last week. That might not seem like a big deal but considering my book isn’t sitting on the shelves of book stores there or anywhere, for that matter, but Scranton, I found it quite interesting. I know about the sales because Amazon allows authors to access sales information of their books via BookScan. It’s a fantastic source of information, which shows how many books you are selling in geographic areas around the country. BookScan is a service from Nielsen, the same company that provides TV ratings data. Major book stores, except for Wal-Mart, report their sales information to BookScan.

Thanks to BookScan, I was surprised to learn that copies of Welcome to Scranton have also sold at book stores in Pittsburgh, Johnston, Philadelphia, New York City, Boston, Orlando and Norfolk, Virginia. The buyers of the book must have gone to a store and ordered it, which is how they show up on the report (see image below). If you are an author and have not created an Author Central account, I encourage you to do so at

BookScan is just one of the tools available from the Author Central. Kindle sales information is provided. You can also link to a blog, see reviews of your books, and create a bio.

Welcome to Scranton Sales Map