You Don’t Know How Bad it Gets

More fun with a writing prompt: You Don’t Know How Bad it Gets

“The wife shot at them?”

“Sure. The husband was sneaking around with another woman,” he said and lit a cigarette.

“Why didn’t she just divorce him?”

He let out a few smoke rings and said, “You’re not married. You have no idea how bad it gets in a situation like that. They had two kids. They were supposed to be together forever. See those kids raised and off to college, travel the world when they retired, grow old together. When that promising future was gone, she snapped, completely lost it. She couldn’t process it. Her life was upside down or rather the whole world had gone insane on her. Nothing made sense.”

“And the only thing that did make sense was to kill them?”

“Not exactly.”

He took another drag before putting the cigarette to her lips. She took a long, slow drag.

“What do you mean ‘not exactly?”

“She missed. They ran out of the room still naked, scared to death.”

“So what happened?”

“The sound of the gun going off caused the wife to snap out of it. She realized what she was doing and that it wasn’t worth going to jail over, especially since she had kids. She let the husband come back home a few weeks later.”

“What happened to the other woman?”

“Left town. Went to D.C. Married to some guy.”

“Why are you telling me this story?”

“We can’t get caught. My wife might not miss next time.”