How Did We Get Here?

I tried something different with this writing prompt: How Did We Get Here?


Sunlight shone through the window, hitting his face as it rose above the mountain. Todd woke, covering his eyes to protect them from the blinding light. His head pounded. He had cottonmouth. Todd sat up on the futon and grabbed the half empty forty ouncer from the large plastic storage bin that served as a coffee table. The warm beer, normally his favorite breakfast beverage, had a chemical taste. As he sucked it down in one swig, his lips felt a foreign object–a cigarette butt. If only he could remember to check before he drank, not that it would matter. He’d probably drink beer no matter what he saw floating in it.

Todd looked around but didn’t recognize the room. It was like any number of trash strewn, busted up living rooms he had woken up in the past few years after a night of drinking and doing whatever drugs available. Todd got up. He had trouble finding his balance. His head felt like it weighed a hundred pounds. Todd thought about laying back down but he had to find the bathroom to take a leak and fast. He was about to burst. Thank God he hadn’t pissed his pants in his sleep this time. His cousin won’t let Todd crash at his place again, at least not until he reimburses him for the couch. Like Todd could ever save up enough money for that.

Todd went down a hallway, stepping over someone he didn’t know. He looked in the doors at the end of the hall. On the right were bedrooms with people sleeping, empty bottles on the floor. The bathroom was on the left.

He felted a wave of relief when he was done. As he was about to flush the toilet, he heard someone groan. Todd turned, almost losing his balance. He opened the plastic shower curtain. There was his girlfriend, Debbie, waking up after a night of sleep in the tub.

“There you are,” he said

“I thought that was you taking a piss.”

“Yeah, now let’s get outta here.”

“Where are we?” Debbie said.

“I don’t know.”

“How did we get here?”‘

“Same way we always do, Deb. Now let’s find the kid and go home.”