Christmas Time at Penn State and State College

Enjoy this slide show of images from Penn State and State College, PA.




Fall Foliage at Penn State

The past few months I’ve been working on a photo project in my spare time. I work at Penn State’s University Park Campus, a truly beautiful place, especially in autumn as the leaves change. As we go through our fast-paced lives, we often don’t notice the fall foliage until it’s halfway through the cycle or at the end. I wanted to follow it day-by-day. Every day at lunch or after work, I would take photos of Pattee Mall and the maple trees outside Old Botany Building and took in the changes as they happened. I also wanted to share the photos with Penn State alums who have not been to campus in many years.

Pattee Mall is home to majestic elm trees, which provide a canopy along the mall. Sadly, the elms have been affected by disease over the past decade. Photos from twenty years ago show the mall lined with tall, mature elms. Many are gone. The mall now has many young elms. Other varieties of trees have also been planted.

Along Pattee Mall is Old Botany Building. It has three maple trees outside it that provide the most brilliant display of fall foliage on campus. Each day I took photos from the exact same spots. Many students and families take photos of themselves with the trees in the background. You’ll see why. I created video slide shows of the photos. Watch in full screen. I hope you enjoy.

Greg Halpin is the author of Welcome to Scranton.

Old Botany Building

Pattee Mall Facing the Library from East Pollock Road

Pattee Mall View in the direction of the Allen Street Gates