Cedar Avenue

These are photos from Cedar Avenue in Scranton’s South Side, an area of town that has changed quite a bit in the past few years. The area is home to a growing and thriving Latino community.

Two of South Side’s and Scranton’s landmark shops are long closed, sadly enough. They were Gutheinz butcher shop and the old Kaltenbach’s Bakery. I remember my mom taking me to those places in the 1970s. Invariably, I would see classmates in line with their moms. Kaltenbach’s offered all kinds of great breads, pies, and pastries you probably can’t find anymore. It was a small place and the lines extended out the door. The building, with its cool art deco facade, was torn down in the spring of 2011. Fortunately, I took photos of it before then. Vac-Way, probably the most recognizable place on Cedar Avenue is the place to take your appliances in for repair. Smith’s Restaurant reopened in the spring of 2011. They have great lunches.

There is a Latino bakery open up the street from where it once stood. Along Cedar Avenue you’ll find a Latino store and taquerillas where you can enjoy an authentic burrito.


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